"Science Meets Fashion"

"Using the knowledge of Science and the influence of Fashion to spread a positive message of social responsibility and health awareness"

Private Stock Labs is a collection of the highest quality civilian-use masks available in the world today. The masks are made of BFE99 melt blown cloth filters along with ultrasonic SMS material that is water resistant and an extra-soft hypoallergenic liner made of cellulose. These masks are all scientifically tested to block and filter particles, smog, and bacteria. The materials used are known to be the "gold standard" of mask production.  
Private Stock Labs then employs its own research and development to create exclusively designed colors and patterns using spun bonded polypropylene fiber that are chemical and toxic free. Resulting in an innovative 4-ply mask that stands "best in class," allowing for an expression of personality and individuality for everyday use, while maintaining the highest level of safety and protection.