PRIVATE STOCK LABS is constantly taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. In order to have a healthier world, we must also have a cleaner world. As a company, Private Stock Labs considers it their social responsibility to acknowledge the impact humans and products have on our planet.

Each and every Private Stock Labs mask is individually sealed to ensure cleanliness, while being made exclusively from Eco-friendly BOPP film. The sustainable BOPP film is easily recyclable, and its production process leads to a significant reduction in its carbon footprint in comparison to more widely used plastic films and bags.

When it comes to our packaging, Private Stock Labs boxes are made from FSC certified paper, knowing that the paper being used has been harvested in a responsible manner that promotes the responsible management of the world’s forests. Each box has a unique FSC label and number confirming that the materials being used have been audited to meet FSC's rigorous social and environmental standards.

Additionally, Private Stock Labs uses environmentally-friendly Algae Ink for printing its shipping boxes and paper bags. Moving towards the future, Private Stock Labs will continue to pursue and introduce new eco-friendly concepts within their business and continue to be an advocate for social responsibility.


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