The Science of Smell

In our market study, we found that there are very few hand sanitizers that actually have a complex smell. They’re usually some fruit, berry, or single natural flavor. We refer to these single scents as one dimensional. Even the more expensive sanitizers were at most two dimensional, only having two layers to their scent profile. We wanted more.

Through scientific analysis of the compounds that make up luxury perfumes, we isolated a selection of iconic fragrances which we were able to break down to a molecular level. This gave us insight into how luxury fragrances achieve their depth and with this knowledge, we were able to create our own luxury fragrance concentrates, also known as parfums.

The 3rd Dimension

Our fragrances are three dimensional, comprised by top, middle, and bottom notes- just like the luxury perfumes we sampled. Not only are the scents more complex, but through the concentration of the parfum, our scents lasts as long as some standalone perfumes.

In perfumery, there are varying levels of concentration to determine the longevity, or lifespan, of a fragrance. What’s even more special about these fragrances is how they react with your skin and change over time.

Rose Water is the archetype of an aspirational fragrance. A chorus of warm, spicy, and woodsy notes like cumin, olibanum, cedar, and a hint of amber swiftly follows the Centifolia rose's alternating masculinity and femininity. Gaïac wood and cistus are reinforced by notes that are unmistakably musky, lending this scent a perplexing air of mystery and intrigue.

Daydream represents a freshly picked bouquet of blackcurrant leaves and Bulgarian roses after a rainy day. With subtle notes of blackberries and blueberries, the fragrance gains a tanginess and sweetness that elicits the feeling of a warm welcome. Daydream elevates the mood and sets a sophisticated scene for any and every occasion.

Floral Essence is a powerful white floral with notes of lily, jasmine, and tuberose absolute. It is instantly captivating when first entering a room and becomes seductive after it ensnares passersby in its web of aristocratic woods, Madagascar vanilla, and musks. Announce your presence in a room with a potent and vast floral wake.

Midsummer is a soft floral scent that evokes recollections of waking up late on a calm weekend. Starting with pear accord, lily of the valley, and a distinct aldehyde, Midsummer takes you through beds of iris, rose, and orange trees, finishing with a white musk, Indonesian patchouli, and ambrette. Nothing to do, Nowhere to be.