Inspired by the hope for a healthy unified world, Private Stock Labs donates 10% of all profits to help aid those in need, with a focus on aiding covid-19 relief on a global scale. Private Stock Labs regularly seeks people and entities that are in need of PPE and will direct its charity efforts to promote health awareness and to serve as an agent of social responsibility.

Based in New York City, Private Stock Labs has donated and supplied PPE directly to the New York State Department of Health. Additionally, donations have been made to New YorkCity to assist civil servants and essential workers throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Most recently, Private Stock Labs has donated PPE to supply the public school system to help ensure returning students have the correct protection as schools begin to reopen.

As the global pandemic continues to evolve-Private Stock Labs is actively collaborating with numerous charity foundations, large corporations, and non-profit organizations to continually promote the idea of "global social responsibility."


  • Assisted New York State on logistics and fulfillment of PPE to pop-up hospitals and critical stockpilelocations
  • Donated Medical Masks to statewide hospital syste
  • Donated Protective Coveralls to front line workers for Covid19 testing sites


  • Donated Medical Masks to 20+ New York City local nursing homes to help suppress the spread of covid-19 within these nursing homes
  • Donated Medical Masks to Queens New York Senior Citizen Centers.
  • Hosted Phone & Zoom seminars to help educate Senior Citizen leaders on what types of masks to wear, and how to use them to ensure safety and health protection amongst the senior citizen community.


  • Donated Children’s Size Medical Masks to New York State Public Education system to help children get back to in class learning safely
  • Donated Children’s Size Medical Masks to Georgia State Public Education system to help children get back to in class learning
  • Donated Children's Size Medial Masks to private nursery schools in Queen’s New York, to assist the local community in helping parents manage their working and parenting obligations


  • Donated Medical Masks and Protective Coveralls to New York City Essential Workers: EMS, Police Department, Fire Department, and Postal Workers


  • Donated Medical Masks to local religious centers for prayer. Help minimize spread in religious facilities to help individuals celebrate their faith safely.