KN95 Protective Mask - Neon Series - Infrared (Pack of 5)


*Magnet Snap Closure, Hard-board Gift Box, made of FSC-Certified Sustainable Materials

* Exclusively Designed "Neon Series" 6-Ply Disposable Face Mask. Highest Standard Civilian-Use Mask on the Market.


* Exclusive "Neon Infrared" color fabric with matching nose bridge and ear loops

* Inset adjustable metal nose bridge

* Foldable 3-D design

* Each Mask is individually sealed and packaged using sustainable BOPP film

* "Private Stock Labs" branding stamped onto each mask 

* FDA & CE registration for manufacturing and exporting

6 Layers of Protection

* Exclusively developed "Neon Infrared" extra soft non-woven outer shell

* SMS fabric

* Melt blown cotton filter

* Hot air cotton filter

* Melt blown cotton filter (2nd layer)

* Extra soft, hypoallergenic non-woven cellulose inner lining

Size / Dimensions

* Global Standard Adult Size Face Mask - 4.375" Wide x 6.5" Height

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